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GOptions Review

The trade binary options market took into its ranks the company GOptions from as long ago as 2009. Since then, the broker has been actively developing and in a relatively short period of time has become one of the most popular companies among traders from around the world. Until recently, it was available for use by residents of the United States of America but due to legal changes within the American system this is no longer possible. Now the company is actively working in the most developed countries of Europe and Asia, which indicates a serious legal base for the company and its high degree of reliability.
My first encounter with this broker happened a few years ago and I am now opening the world of trading offered by GOptions again and I am coming essentially to the same conclusions that I had during my first trading experience on this platform. So, what does this broker looks like for those who are just starting to trade? Compared to other sites, GOptions offers beginners a good starting position. Moreover, it does it systematically, meaning there are often activities which are carried out that aim at improving the welfare of traders and furthermore the company has quite a diverse approach to these matters. It was the reason that the system of various competitions, bonuses, as well as a selection of developing materials and workshops became an excellent stimulus not only for raising funds from initial deposits, but also, and most importantly, for long-term trading.
I was at this moment that I saw the desire to support the broker exactly in the process of how they work so that my chances could be improved. Risk-free transactions, gift indicators on strategies and webinars with top traders – all of this is offered by the broker for free, without any attempt to obtain additional income from the client. But all these services are very valuable tools for traders of all skill levels! The ability to copy the trades of the best traders is one of the best examples of this. It is a brilliant solution that will allow you to continue trading even at a time when you absolutely have no time to study the market during busy travels or while on vacation in some exotic country. Just enjoy the knowledge of a new culture, and all work on the site will be continued without you but still with reasonable efficiency, assuming that the traders you have copied are equally successful.

Is GOptions reliable?

Over the course of the two times I have personally tested the platform I have not detected any signs that GOptions is a scam. Of course it is possible that I just happened to be lucky, but common sense tells me that if all was well, then there is no reason to be unduly suspicious. The company uses advanced protection systems for the safety of funds, which are on the accounts of clients, as well as to ensure trading without delay and disruptions that could result in the loss of money or a change in the transaction results in favor of the broker. This work by GOptions combines the use of new technologies to enhance security levels while maintaining the ease of use of the platform for their customers.
Nevertheless, is it possible to lose money while trading on GOptions? Undoubtedly, yes. It would be irresponsible of me to suggest otherwise. Suppose that you are actively trading and business adds up perfectly. Your deposit is significantly growing. This is not a reason, however, to happily buy a home or car on credit and begin to withdraw your funds. The fact is that instantly making money on options is statistically unlikely and practically impossible. You are currently on the rise and successful transaction follows successful transaction, but you need to make a stop as soon as the strategy ceases to generate income. At such times, you need to breathe out, stop and analyze what went wrong and how to fix it. If you continue to trade in the hope of catching the bird of happiness again, you will just loose your money. This is the basis of life as well as financial trading. Just know that in this case it was not the fault of the broker. Azart (the ship of fools) is a bad companion in financial matters.

GOptions Bonus

The bonus system of GOptions is closely linked to the selection of accounts that the broker offers to its customers. These accounts, in their turn, depend on the size of the down payment, which you put into your account. That is, if you’re making an initial deposit or refreshing your funds, you can receive a bonus from the broker. In this case the broker is characterized by the fact that the bonus is calculated not only on the first deposit, but also on subsequent replenishments, though the bonus of subsequent payments is less than for the first. The amount of bonus depends on the amount of the deposit. As for the bonus output, it can be done later, if you buy contracts to a point that they will have an amount 15 times the bonus amount. As for trading, you can use the bonus money for it immediately.
Although on GOptions I could already trade with $200, it seemed to me that the more interesting accounts started from $500. Several important points for me are combined in this proposal. Firstly, are the bonuses and promotional risk-free transactions that allow you to increase your available funding immediately. Secondly, the large number of options functions that allow you not to lose money in the first phase, to test all functions and quietly enter into the working channel. However, if you can afford to make a large sum deposit into an account greater 500 dollars, I advise you to take advantage of it. In this case, you will get vastly increased bonuses and many more useful services.

GOptions Withdrawal

I did withdraw funds from my account at GOptions several times and each time everything went smoothly, without any hitches. I used my credit card for cash transactions on this platform, but generally the broker allows the use a large number of methods for the input and output of money. If you use the e-payment system, the minimum withdrawal amount is $25. If you withdraw via bank transfer, you will need to collect an amount of $500 to start your withdrawal procedure. Bank transfers will require the payment of a commission of $25. In any case, before you start the procedure of withdrawing your money, you will need to verify your identity by sending a number of documents for approval. But as we already know, it is standard procedure for all brokers, which is aimed at improving the safety of our savings.

GOptions Ratings

In addition to the intuitive and “friendly” interface, the platform is made good by the presence of useful widgets that make the difficult life of options traders that much easier. When you work with GOptions make sure to pay attention to such things as the Double Up and Rollover features. They are designed to manipulate already set options. The first tool gives you the chance to increase your profits through the opening of the second, simultaneous, identical transaction with the same investment amount. When to apply this feature? When you feel that the transaction will be successful and you feel regret that you didn’t put more money on it.
The second function is good for reducing losses. With it you can extend the expiration of an option. When to use this pill? When you have a headache from the apprehension that at the right time (here I’m talking about the completion time of the transaction) the price of an asset will not be in the correct position. We extend the expiration time, and we hope that this time will be enough to remedy the situation.

Commissions, Support

What I can not complain about is the customer service. The company provides a favorable environment for customers and cares about the efficiency of their investments. If you need professional help, you can reach them by phone, chat or email. Close communication is especially important for beginners, and I’m sure it will help you quickly achieve the necessary skills in order to maximize earnings. That is, where transactions profitability is possible with such coefficients like 100%, and sometimes even 1000%.

Deposit, Payment and Bonus

I found at least five ways to refill my account through GOptions. The first is wire transfer, WebMoney, and then Skrill, debit and credit cards. Although, this is not an unusual list as most brokers tend to offer the same services and we don’t need to go into such detail as to list all credit cards that are acceptable etc.
The minimum deposit amount is set at 200 euros or US dollars. Choose your currency wisely as it is something you will not be able to change without a long and drawn out process involving more effort than it is worth. Bonuses on contributions can reach 100 percent if they are linked to higher account types and therefore larger initial contributions. But before you worry about that remember that even small amounts will bring at least 10% or more.

GOptions Website Extras

On the site I found a large number of training materials and instructional video on how to trade for profit using binary options. It is nicely done, of course, I did not find any new information there for myself, but, who knows, maybe someone will open up a whole new world of new knowledge after watching these videos. Out of interest, I flipped through the e-book. Generally, every trader can use these materials for self-study and indeed the information contained within them was interesting.
Do not ignore the daily surveys. They well help you to keep abreast of the changes occurring in the market which are important in stock predictions.

GOptions Conclusion

No matter how much I complain about some of the little things on the GOptions platform, as a whole I quite liked this broker. All bidders may find good analytical information on the site and the platform itself offers a good list of assets. Some types of accounts offer deals with a return of lost investments. There is a very diverse and well-developed program for giving various categories of bonuses to customers. There are also the services for working with clients, multi-language support and local offices in several countries around the world, and the opportunity to have consultations on the phone in your chosen country. The company provides guarantees allowing you to withdraw funds without further ado or bureaucracy and, at least in my case, everything went perfectly. The platform is accessible and understandable, not only for professionals but also to beginners with little initial budget. In general, there is clearly more pluses than minuses to an impressive degree.

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