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The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance pledged to burn its entire team allocation of BNB, a token representing pseudo-equity in the exchange, which provides ‘dividends’ through burn appreciation and additional value in the Binance ecosystem. The move is unprecedented, with the exchange burning $2.5 billion in tokens at current prices. Binance will burn 80 million … Continue reading Binance pledges to burn its entire team allocation of BNB, over $2 billion to be burned

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis called privacy the “right to be let alone.” Perhaps Congress should give states trying to protect consumer data the same right. For years, a gridlocked Congress ignored privacy, apart from occasionally scolding companies such as Equifax and Marriott after their major data breaches. In its absence, states have taken the … Continue reading Congress is considering privacy legislation – be afraid

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Thousands of traders around the world make their choice in favour of binary options trading because they feel like it is way too much for them to deal with Forex platforms and the stock market which require more knowledge and in-depth understanding of economic processes. Binary options is the easiest form of trading today, offering … Continue reading Hello world!