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Anti-government demonstrations entered their eleventh week with a defiant march in Hong Kong’s Central district on Sunday. The threat of violence and civil unrest has led to increasing uncertainty over the city’s future. And anxious residents are responding by moving money out of Hong Kong, a move that could increase the inflow into bitcoin. Heightened … Continue reading Hong Kong Protests Continue Fueling Money Flight, Will it Affect Bitcoin?

Facebook’s Libra project has been questioned by European Union anti-trust regulators. They are concerned about the project, popularly referred to as a cryptocurrency, restricting competition. Libra has been subject to immense scrutiny already from global policy and law makers. In fact, the company recently admitted that the regulatory pressure might force it to postpone or … Continue reading EU Antitrust Regulators Scrutinise Facebook’s “Cryptocurrency” Project

Author, professor, and staunch Bitcoin maximalist Saifedean Ammous is sceptical about the seemingly overnight change of allegiances at the Twitter account @Bitcoin. The Twitter account that was clearly affiliated with the Bitcoin Cash, despite its name, now expresses pro-BTC sentiment. Ammous smells a rat, however. The Lebanese professor speculates that a switch back to promoting … Continue reading Bitcoin Maximalist Sceptical of @Bitcoin’s Pivot from BCH

It’s been over a month since Head of Calibra, David Marcus faced a grilling at the hands of the Senate Committee. And considering Facebook’s track record on misuse of personal data, many predicted that Marcus would be walking into an inquisition. But despite that, there’s no denying that Libra jolted lawmakers into finally taking cryptocurrency … Continue reading Why Winklevoss Twins Say Trust In Libra Cryptocurrency, Not Facebook

Nothing but carnage has been seen across the altcoin market, with major crypto assets like Ethereum and Ripple falling to fresh lows and causing widespread panic across the space. While most crypto investors are starting to suspect that a bottom might for altcoins might be set, one crypto analyst says that Ethereum could drop another … Continue reading Crypto Analyst Expects 20% Ethereum Drop, Altcoin Capitulation in 2 Weeks

Bitcoin has failed the $11,000 test again although it was a pretty half-hearted attempt. Touching $10,948 on Coinbase, the price quickly retreated to currently trade at . Just as the 200 MA on the day chart is providing support, it is the 4-hour 200 MA that s the resistance that could prove a hard nut … Continue reading Bitcoin Rebuffed at $11,000 But Still In Bull Territory

The recent market upswing took many investors into the bullish side once again. Even though the surge was seen across the entire industry, most altcoins lost the value they gained yesterday. This technical analysis will evaluate whether Binance Coin, TRON, or Chainlink have a chance to continue rising. Binance Coin Binance was in the spotlight … Continue reading Binance Coin and Chainlink at pivotal trading points while TRON remains bearish

The SEC penalized Russia-based ICO Rating for failing to disclose it was being paid to shill cryptocurrency projects. The enforcement action comes as the Commission continues to crack down on firms that tout crypto securities without disclosures. ICO Rating is one of several mostly Russian-run crypto rating agencies, behind ICOBench and ICOmarks. The firm advertises itself … Continue reading SEC charges ICO Rating for shilling crypto projects without disclosure

The @Bitcoin Twitter account has deleted dozens of older tweets where Bitcoin Cash was mentioned. Many believe this is aimed to revamp the company, which just announced it will be launching a new peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange. Deleting all traces of the Bitcoin Cash Officially launched in 2008, the domain has been at the forefront … Continue reading Twitter handle @Bitcoin deletes dozens of BCH and anti-Bitcoin tweets

The third largest Ponzi scam in history, Plus Token Wallet, allegedly scammed investors out of $3 billion in cryptocurrency. Over $2.1 billion of this is in Bitcoin. As the perpetrators make their exit these coins could flood the market and tank prices. Background on Plus Token Plus Token Wallet was a mobile application promoted across … Continue reading Bitcoin could be dumped in the billions from history’s third largest Ponzi