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Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), the world’s largest dedicated independent chipmaker, has predicted a drop in demand from the cryptocurrency mining community in the fourth quarter this year. The growth target of 7 to 9 percent was slashed to 6.5 percent partly due to the demand dynamics of bitcoin miners. Crypto Mining Demand For TSMC … Continue reading Is Demand For Bitcoin Mining in Decline? Chip Maker Slashes Target

A Japanese consortium is to research the use of blockchain technology to determine the price of surplus electricity generated by photovoltaic power generation, and a new system capable of direct trading. Japan Unisys to Build Blockchain Platform to Facilitate Trading of Electricity A partnership between the University of Tokyo, IT company Japan Unisys, electric utility Kansai … Continue reading Japanese Consortium to Research Direct Trading of Electricity with Blockchain

Omni, the online item rental and storage management startup, is now allowing its users to get paid in Ripple, capitalizing off of the cryptocurrency boom. The addition of the XRP payment method comes after the startup raised $25 million in XRP this past January. The company will be paying users out of their own stash … Continue reading Major Online Rental Platform Allows Users to be Paid in Ripple

Japan’s Tax Investigation Committee, an advisory body of the government, is looking to simplify its tax filling system as confusion has led to poor reporting of profits with digital currencies in the country. Japan Lawmakers Discuss Ways to Simplify Tax Returns of Cryptocurrency Gains At a meeting held on Wednesday, members of the taxation committee … Continue reading Japan’s Tax Committee Looks to Simplify Cryptocurrency Gains Reporting

The dismissal market performance of so-called stablecoin Tether should not be the reason to spread FUD against it, clarified Mike Novogratz in his tweet. The billionaire Bitcoin bull, who recently criticized USDT for misbalancing its dollar-peg, later said that he believes Tether has every dollar for every USDT. However, he retained his criticism over Tether … Continue reading Mike Novogratz Clarifies Anti-Tether Comments, Wants FUD Stopped

Fidelity’s Foray Into The Cryptocurrency World Is “Fantastic News” Since 2017 breathed its last breaths, Brian Kelly, the CEO of BKCM and an active CNBC commentator, analyst, and contributor, has been (arguably overly) bullish on the crypto industry, blockchain space, and digital asset market. While the current bearish market conditions have slightly deterred his outspoken advocacy … Continue reading CNBC’s Brian Kelly: Cryptocurrency Market To See “Institutional Herd” Arrive By Q1 2019

Cryptocurrency, Tether (USDT), Stablecoins–Earlier in the week EWN reported on comments by long-time Bitcoin bull and overall cryptocurrency proponent Mike Novogratz, when he expressed interest in the future of stablecoins as a viable source of digital asset. While his comments also came with criticism for the most recognizable stablecoin and eighth largest cryptocurrency by market … Continue reading The Rise of Stablecoins: Less Fun Cryptocurrency, More Viable Money

The team behind the future of advertising along with the founders; Vincent Müller, Fritz Frey & Antonius Link will be flying HYGH this month with stops in Dubai (20th – 25th October), Qatar (26th – 27th October) and London (28th – 30th October).    With a mission to enable brands to connect with their future customers … Continue reading Flying HYGH

Litecoin Tx Fees To Be Reduced By 10x In Upcoming Core Release Since fees temporarily eclipsed $50 per Bitcoin transaction at the peak of 2017’s unprecedented bull run, which saw BTC rise from $1,000 to $20,000 in a 12-month time span, the topic of scaling solutions and reducing transaction (tx) fees have been on the minds … Continue reading Litecoin (LTC) Transaction Fees To Be Drastically Slashed, Dev Calls For Adoption

Cryptocurrency, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)–Initial coin offerings, the popular method for raising capital in the space of blockchain and token-based cryptocurrency projects, has again found its way in the headlines over the controversial and lawless nature of its marketplace. Ernst and Young, a Big Four Auditor, published a new report on Oct. 19th claiming that–among … Continue reading New Audit Report: ICO Market “Worse Than We Thought”