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“… But what if the government was to turn the internet off..?” I am sure you have all heard this argument before when you have been explaining to someone how robust the Bitcoin security model is and how even Interpol would be biting off far more than they could chew by attempting to bring the network … Continue reading Bitcoin Is Here to Stay: Blockstream Satellite Expansion Makes Sure of It

Following yesterday’s rally that allowed the cryptocurrency markets to regain much of last week’s losses, Bitcoin has been able to sustain above $3,500 and most altcoins have continued to rise. The market’s recent move appears to have validated the recent lows as a strong level of support. At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading up … Continue reading Bitcoin Sustains Above $3,500 After Widespread Market Rally

Outspoken Bitcoin bull and founder of the cryptocurrency-focused Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz, believes that investor interest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have left the market for macro trading. Despite this, Novogratz still expects Bitcoin to emerge as a digital store of value in the end. Novogratz: Investors and Traders Ditch Crypto for Macro Trading … Continue reading Novogratz: Interest Left Crypto for Macro, But Bitcoin Will Emerge As Store of Value

Bitcoin and its trustless, decentralized design requires a unique process called mining that validates each transaction being added to its underlying blockchain. The process involves solving complex mathematical equations, and typically requires some serious computer processing power, and even specially-designed hardware, to validate each block. Due to the amount of energy consumed during this process, … Continue reading Electricity Consumption of Bitcoin is a Non-Issue: Solar Energy is Free in Some Regions

Scam artists have tried just about every trick in the book to relieve people of their Bitcoin in recent years. The latest effort is rather lacking in the sophistication department, however. A report in Bleeping Computer states that people have been receiving emails that are apparently from the owner of a dark web site offering … Continue reading Bitcoin Scam Alert: Criminals Demand BTC Payment to Call Off Hit Man

Crypto Market Booms, Bitcoin (BTC) Well Above $3,600 For the first time in what seems like a millennium, the cryptocurrency market has posted stellar performance two days in a row. At the time of writing, per data compiled by Live Coin Watch, the aggregate value of all cryptocurrencies has risen to $122.7 billion — a … Continue reading Tron (TRX) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Surge Amid Crypto Market Recovery

Dogecoin (DOGE) Sees Stellar Usage Amid Crypto Bear Market Dogecoin (DOGE) is often painted as a “joke” in the cryptosphere, as the asset itself is based on the Doge meme of yesteryear. Yet, many diehards and analysts have claimed that DOGE and its constituents aren’t some to laugh at. Instead, the project, co-founded by Jackson … Continue reading Dogecoin (DOGE) Third Only To Bitcoin, Ethereum For Active Addresses

Bitcoin (BTC), Cryptocurrency–Despite the falling price for cryptocurrency, which has only managed a slight recovery since experiencing the worst week of losses since 2011, not all institutional investors remain bearish on the digital asset. Bitcoin & Co., which have seen prices decline from a near trillion dollar market capitalization to start the year, have attracted … Continue reading Former Goldman Sachs Trading Executive Bullish on Cryptocurrency

Kepler Technologies has just introduced LUKRUM, a crypto portfolio tracker app designed to help users with valuable insights on the most profitable trading strategies. This free, secure and user-centric application comes with numerous attractive features including access to real-time prices, the latest market charts, advanced crypto portfolio analytics, auto-syncing with all exchange accounts and blockchain … Continue reading Kepler Technologies Launches LUKRUM Portfolio Tracker Application with Advanced Tools for Streamlined Crypto Asset Management

Rafal Szymanski, CEO of Global Tech Makers, believes that blockchain has the potential to be more than just a buzzword. The IT guru says that technology can fulfill its promise of transforming the landscape of the global business process. Beyond Cryptocurrencies Last year was undoubtedly the year of cryptocurrencies as prices reached peaked levels towards … Continue reading Blockchain Can Fulfil its Promise of Global Business Transformation, says Rafal Szymanski