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Time Is The Only Limited Resource   There is nothing unlimited in this world. All things are finite, be it the material things or the ones that are more metaphysical.   Because of this fact, we need to find ways on how to avoid becoming short of the things necessary to survive, grow, and thrive in … Continue reading The Benefits of Having a Personal Loan: When Do You Need One?

Assessing Your Financial Situation Managing your personal finances isn’t as easy as it seems. Rising prices and an uncertain economic climate make the challenges even greater, which is why it’s important that you take steps to get a firm handle on your money needs, assessing your situation, and making the appropriate changes. The key is … Continue reading Three ways to manage your money more productively

Financial Technology and Arising Digital Currencies A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is designed to serve as a medium of exchange. In other words, a cryptocurrency is a form of money that can be used in making transactions online. Cryptocurrencies are designed such that they use cryptography to secure and validate transactions. The prefix … Continue reading All You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency

By Martin Khor Cross-posted at Inter Press Service. There are increasing warnings of an imminent new financial crisis, not only from the billionaire investor George Soros, but also from eminent economists associated with the Bank of International Settlements, the bank of central banks. The warnings come at a moment when there are signs of international … Continue reading Warnings of a New Global Financial Crisis

By Timothy A. Wise The rice fields of Xai-Xai, three hours up the coast from Maputo, are vast, coming into view as we descended onto the alluvial plain from the villages that dot the hills above. They stretch across the plains toward the Indian Ocean as far as the naked eye can see, in the … Continue reading Growing Resistance: The Rise and Fall of Another Mozambique Land Grab

By Kevin P. Gallagher and Jörg Haas Originally published at Project Syndicate.  Global financial leaders convened in Washington, DC, last month for the annual spring meetings of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund. This year, they asked the world’s taxpayers to grant the World Bank and other multilateral development banks (MDBs) more capital … Continue reading No Blank Check for Development Banks

By Liz Stanton Massachusetts’s electric and gas providers’ draft plans to make energy efficiency measures available to consumers were released for public review on April 30, 2018. Massachusetts’ Green Communities Act, signed into law in 2008, requires electric and gas distributors to provide “all cost-effective” energy efficiency measures. That means any program, product, or policy—from … Continue reading Do All Communities Have Equal Access to Energy Efficiency in Massachusetts?

By Edward B. Barbier In recent article in Science, “How to pay for saving biodiversity”, my co-authors and I argue that it is time to rethink the global approach to saving the world’s remaining biodiversity and habitats. Twenty-five years after establishing the Convention on Biological Diversity, the world is facing “biological annihilation”, according to a scientific … Continue reading Rethinking International Environmental Agreements

The desire to judge people’s motives rather than addressing their needs is a “British disease”. We have been suffering from it for hundreds of years, cycling endlessly through repeated cycles of generosity and harshness. Each cycle ends in public outrage and an abrupt reversal: but the memory eventually fades, and the disease reappears in a … Continue reading A very British disease

This piece grew from a number of conversations with people of Austrian economic persuasion, mostly Bitcoiners and goldbugs (which these days seem mysteriously to have converged). I thought of calling this “Monetarism for goldbugs”, but decided to preserve the mathematical slant of the previous pieces in this series. But it’s monetary arithmetic, of course. And … Continue reading Arithmetic for Austrians