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Anyoption Review

Anyoption entered into the financial services market in 2008, offering binary options trading solutions to people from across the globe. The company is headquartered in Nicosia, the capital and largest city on the island of Cyprus. The official website of Anyoption is available in many languages, and traders from more than 150 countries around the world can benefit from high quality services offered by this company. Anyoption is regulated by CySec and the FCA, which allows traders to be confident in the reliability and responsibility of the broker.

Actually, each customer of Anyoption can have full training in how to trade using the huge amount of material about the binary options which is accessible on this site. Of course, all of this is for free but it will make any user happy.

I did find some things on the site however that did not make me happy and I think many users will find it a serious flaw in the initial usability of the broker. Like most people who wish to try before they buy we searched in vain for the free demo account to allow us to dip our collective toes in the waters of options trading. But what is the reasoning behind this? Did the developers receive a less than satisfactory fee and decided to quit working on the site halfway through? Or was a demo account not part of the plan from the beginning? I personally can’t explain it. I tried to work under the false illusion that Anyoption offers a demo mode through using the site as a user so I could get into the learning spirit. I should note that this is a rather peculiar decision on my part but I felt like something had to change in order to feel new. After just a few hours of “using” it, I realized that this mode allows users to understand the principles of the platform, but, unfortunately for beginner traders, it can not give any information about the profitability of trading in any terms.

If you want to try it, then, welcome to the ranks of full-fledged broker clients. Open an account, deposit money and trade. That is to say your training will take place in the field when each mistake can potentially lead to a loss of real money, your money. Although I may be wrong and many people might find this approach the correct one. There are always those who think that in order to learn how to swim, you have to jump out of your comfort zone into the deep end of the pool.

Again, this can be a challenge for beginners. But if you have already had some experience in options trading, you absolutely do not need this whole story with a demo account. What you’ll need, are the assets list that are available for trading and you are in luck at this point as Anyoption offers a fairly extensive list of assets. I personally liked it and I am sure that you too will not remain indifferent to this choice that they have on offer.

Is Anyoption reliable?

As you can see from the basic information about the broker, Anyoption has no right to work with American traders. I don’t know about you, but I can draw only one conclusion from this: the company did not give enough confidence and assurances to American authorities and in return they were not allowed to operate in the country. Maybe they even decided that Anyoption is not just “not useful”, but rather a “bad” organization and the best solution is to keep the Americans out of trading on this platform. Either way this is information privy only to those in the know.
Frankly speaking, I personally find it difficult to understand what guided the US government in taking this decision. Of course it is possible that they put on the table all the secret intelligence reports about the work of this broker, called their best analysts for a thorough view of all this paper and have listened to their conclusion, which sounded like: no way!
Maybe it was like that. Or maybe it was the other way round. America does not often allow brokers to operate within its territory even if it is a worldwide famous company with a long-standing reputation.

Fortunately, in addition to the views of the US government, there are financial institutions that work directly with brokers and they did confirm the reliability of brokerage companies. For example CySEC, Cyprus Commission for the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Anyoption Bonus

I will not divulge any big secret if I say that it is always good to receive a first deposit bonus, because that way you’ll have an increased margin in the amount of money you have to experiment with trading. Typically bonus is between 20% and 100%. The larger your deposit is, the greater your chance of receiving a bigger bonus. Since the bonus is calculated after your personal talk with a staff member, do not hesitate to ask him or her about bigger bonuses and options. After all, such events as a bonus on your first deposit at Anyoption occurs only once in a lifetime. I can’t give any guarantees, but there is always the chance that he or she will decide to satisfy your request depending on current company policy. Then you will be able to make a large number of trades and not miss out on your chance for profit.

Anyoption Withdrawal

Anyoption offers a good selection of output types including credit cards, wire transfers and various electronic wallets. The first transaction is for free then fees up to $30 can be applied for multiple transactions.
One piece of advice I can still give you is that before the start the registration process decide which currency you will operate with and stick to it. The broker offers one of the three currencies to choose from for all operations and if you decide to withdraw earned money in another currency, the transaction will be done with the conversion. It’s not problematic, just a bit more expensive. And because we want to make money it is better not to spend them on currency conversions.

Anyoption Ratings

The customer service of Anyoption is operates efficiently enough and I do not see any reason to write about the banal things like the languages they speak or the support around the clock. Almost all brokers have it and it is expected in an international business. I do however want to point out some interesting things that Anyoption has in its favor. For example, free SMS messaging with results following the expiration of an option. It is offered to customers who invest $100 or more in an option. You will receive messages to the phone number which you specified during the registration.
If you are an active user of social networks, you’ll love the Showoff function. It allows you to share stories of recent transactions, publish details of transactions made on the “income board” of this resource, as well as to spread reports on the pages of social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Deposit, Payment and Bonus When it comes down to everything about money transfers Anyoption tries to simplify the deposit process as well as to make more of the withdrawal options. You can use standard bank transfers, credit cards and Skrill. Additionally there are services such as Giropay and Ukash which are available. Ukash is the prepaid card that you can buy at gas stations and in different stores by simply exchanging cash for virtual money.


The binary options broker AnyOption successfully adheres to its trading conditions through a unique set of options. Because of this, I received additional trade advantages. The investments from a plurality of traders are displayed on the Live page and includes its volume, amount, expiration dates, and is all broken down by specific options. The information provided on this page allows you to see how your opinion coincides with the forecasts of the majority. Of course there is no personal information on this page just statistics relating to investments.

Another option allows you to change the default settings for profit/risk. When my predictions on transactions were quite contradictory, I just increased the rate of return to 25%. If I was absolutely sure of a favorable outcome, I would, on the contrary decrease the return rate to 5% all at the cost of profit return margins.

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