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24option Review

Binary options broker “24option” was registered in 2010 in Cyprus. This is a fairly large company, headquartered in the city of Limassol, with official broker offices registered in 20 countries worldwide.
The Broker is the property of Rodeler Limited, Cyprus. When creating a subsidiary company among the priority directions of its development the popular binary options market has been named. Because six years ago this market really needed sensible advertising. Today, thanks largely to 24option, trade with this innovative sales tool is available to a wide range of traders, and the market continues to develop dynamically.
What I liked about this site. First of all is the compact information and its availability. One page has all the options, settings, graphics and history. I did not have to rush through the tabs to look at the assets; they all are arranged in a single column. Wagering has become easier than ever. Another convenient feature that I appreciated and I hope you will also enjoy is that a view of assets is possible constantly, even when the market is not in operation. At the same time nearby to the asset you can see the time at which it will become available.
Although if you find something does not suit you, you are welcome to use personal settings and make use of the platform in a way that is more comfortable for yourself. For example, if the list is too long, you can create your own list.

Therefore, I can say that the 24option platform is one of the most clear, technically advanced and easy for trading of binary options. It perfectly combines the highest level of technology and reliability. I have not felt any disruptions in any of my platform work, even though I worked on it extensively specifically on my stationary home computer. By the way, the program can be opened directly from your browser online, and therefore you do not need to download additional software, which can affect the performance of your computer badly.

Is 24option reliable?

Fraud is a serious topic that is also relevant to the trade of binary options. You must agree that none of us wants to be deceived, or take unnecessary risks. If you choose the wrong broker, you expose yourself to this risk. I cannot deny the existence of binary market broker fraud, no matter what their deception is. But I can be equally sure that in the market there are also many reputable brokers, through which you can trade without any worries. Just how do you know who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?
They say that until you try you do not know. To this end I write these reviews, so you, the potential client, do not have to test all these platforms yourselves. Although you can of course join the process, it’s pretty exciting. Just most people prefer to trade straight away instead of jumping from one site to another in search of the best option. But let’s not get distracted. What is it about 24option which makes it a reliable broker?
The most popular method used by scam brokers to lure money from users is the complication of the money withdrawal procedure up to a failure in the output due to unrealistic reasons. For example fraudsters may require you to provide documents that you do not even have. I withdrew money after trading on 24option without any problems. So I wan 100% say that they definitely don’t use this scam method. In addition to that 24option has never been seen in the manipulation of the figures listings.

24option Bonus

I received the first bonus as soon as I opened the first account on 24option. This means that almost directly after registration you are getting the presents. It’s nice, though not surprising, since many brokers do things like that. The amount of the bonus varies depending on the type of account you open. It is usually 30% of the initial deposit, but may reach 100%. For example, you decide to put $500 on your account, and as a bonus the company will give you $500 more, so the total at your disposal will be $ 1,000.

Generally it is difficult to write once and forever what kind of bonuses are waiting for you there. Life does not stand still and everything changes. So keep your nose to the ground and check the news of 24option for what bonuses or gifts are announced there. What kind of gifts can you get?
Trading competitions with real prizes appear frequently. If you decide to take a bonus from 24option, you should definitely read the terms for the use of a bonus so as not to miss the most gusto, and not make a mistake that will lead to the cancellation of any additional “sweet stuff”. Each broker has certain conditions for issuing bonuses. You will need to become familiar with them, and then all will be well.

24option Withdrawal

One thing that I personally like is the unusually unconditionally unlimited amount of withdrawal. In the world there are brokers that do not allow you to remove all your profits, especially if profit is essential. I experienced this, and it has always filled me with different shades of irritation and rage. Fortunately 24option not only refrains from doing so, but also quickly deals with the application for withdrawal of funds, allowing customers to get their money within 3-5 business days. Or one day, if you own a VIP account. I’ve never tried it, but I suspect that it is probably damn nice.

To withdraw funds, you can use a standard set of cards, transfers and electronic wallets. Nothing new is here. And of course to freely dispose of your funds in the account, it must be verified in the mandatory order. A slightly tedious procedure, but you do what you do for the sake of the security of your “spondulicks”.

24option Ratings

On the 24option platform I felt almost at home. There is a very user friendly interface and has all the functions you need plus the graphic is larger than on other sites, and so you do not have to stare at it till your eyes hurt. Actually, I think black and gold colors are a very successful design solution for a trading platform. The colors do not strain vision and allow you to follow graphics and information over an extended period. I do like that: in one window I open Metatrader with a standard black background graphics, and in the other window there is 24option trading platform. Very convenient plus very easy for navigation.

24option has an extensive collection of lessons, both in text and video format. There is good advice and answers to your questions. More than that, almost all this content is available to everyone, and in order to use it, you do not even have to open a trading account first.

Commissions, Support

The amount of commission for withdrawing funds from an account is a relative thing. The better your account is the less you pay for a withdrawal. Or you do not pay for it at all. For example platinum account’s holders carry out all operations free of charge as an incentive to hold this type of account.
However, the size of the commission for using your credit card is 3.5%, without exception, everyone pays. I used Skrill during my review, so the conclusion of my trades cost me minus 2% from the amount. The size of commission at the withdrawal of funds through the bank is $30, add to this extra commission from the intermediary banks for the transaction.

If in this process you encounter any questions, please make sure you call in the multi-line phones, or contact a broker specialist via e-mail, Skype or chat.

Deposit, Payment and Bonus

The sum of $200 is the minimum deposit for this company meaning that most investors can afford to spend that kind of money. Even if you did not yet understand anything in the auction, but you want to try, this amount will not invoice. Deposits to the account are a snap, with the exception of replenishing by bank transfer, which may take several days.
What I like is that 24option is constantly handing out bonuses to its clients and conducts exciting giveaways with big cash prizes. Bonus funds are intended for trade, and can be withdrawn from your account only after a number of requirements for the number and size of commercial transactions concluded after the transfer of bonus money to the trading account of the client.


In order not to repeat once again the advantages of the company, I will add that in early 2015 24option began working with the investment research firm Trading Central. It is allowed to provide customers with improved methods to increase profitability. What do I mean? Well, it’s trading signals in real time, regularly updated graphs for assets along with a brief analysis, SMS, electronic alerts and trading recommendations including in-depth analysis of market conditions. I do not know what you think about it, but I find it pretty darn helpful.

Well what can I say summing up? 24Option provides a high-quality and easy-to-use trading platform with the broadest selection of assets. There is also a training center from the free demo account and a professional support team. Payments for options are very high; there are many ways to add and to withdraw money. Safety is set at the highest level.

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