Klay Thompson is the most accidentally funny player in the NBA

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Klay Thompson brings us so much joy, and he doesn’t even need to try.

Klay Thompson’s NBA career has been a blast. We know him for his scoring outbursts that leave us scrambling for NBA Twitter, but also the moments off the court that somehow leave us laughing every time.

Thompson doesn’t try to be a comedian. There are NBA players who want to make us all laugh like Joel Embiid, but Thompson is able to do so just by being his average self. Because of that, we get these unique moments that we can all relish together.

Most recently, Thompson was seen sporting this coat, looking like he was unamused with the reporters around him.

The looks on his face, combined with the saucy fur trim, is priceless, especially after a basketball game.

The phrase “big mood” is thrown around often, but this one is truly relatable. Personally, that’s my reaction after somebody claims in the year 2018 that the Warriors are ruining basketball. It’s old.

After a win over the Kings, he gave this legendary postgame interview that made zero sense.

At the same time, it made a ton of sense, because only Thompson could deliver such a scene for us to enjoy. He was clearly tongue tied, and couldn’t quite recover.

Because Thompson just let it happen, we were treated to a very human moment that we could all appreciate, because most of us would probably be scrambling to find the words, too.

But yeah, he really missed the mark there.

Thompson has also acknowledged a double entendre that you were probably too afraid to admit you laughed at.

Then-Warriors sideline reporter Ros Gold-Onwude asked Thompson, “How much do you feed off of the D?” and the question was too on the nose for him to not giggle at.

To Thompson’s credit, he still managed to do a good job of keeping the interview going like a professional in the moment.

He’s also expanded his interview repertoire by participating in man on the street interviews for local news.

Imagine just turning on your local news, and instead of a random citizen in your area, there’s NBA Champion Klay Thompson talking to a microphone.

Talking about scaffolding on local news is one of the many Forrest Gump-like qualities that Thompson possesses.

Thompson has his accidentally funny on the court moments too though, like when he raised the roof after an Andre Iguodala dunk.

Raising the roof hasn’t been a thing since … a long time. But Thompson felt inspired to do the gesture, and it kind of worked?

When you do as much winning as the Warriors do, you can make the most dated references seem trendy. I wouldn’t say that raising the roof is coming back anytime soon, but we’re also not inclined to question it’s legitimacy as much as we would if, let’s say, JaVale McGee did it.

There was also that time he definitely read the box score wrong, acknowledged it, and moved on.

In similar move to his interview, Klay stumbled over his words until he decided he was through.

You gotta respect the guy for just keeping things moving, even if they’re embarrassing. That Don’t Give A Shit attitude is even funnier in a setting like a press conference.

Thompson has also given us one of the best spontaneous moments after a game, when he took a swig of a Coors Light.

Drinking a beer seems like a fitting way to celebrate a road win in Toronto, you just wouldn’t expect that to happen during the middle of an interview. But Thompson does not care, which is how I think we all like to envision ourselves as professional athletes.

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The refreshed and unbothered “ahhhh” after he takes a sip makes it a trillion times better.

Thompson also signed a toaster, of all things. But it wasn’t just him signing it that was funny.

His reaction in this photograph couldn’t be more appropriate. Thompson looks equally confused by what has been presented to him, but not so disgusted that he wouldn’t sign it.

The Warriors went 31-2 and won a championship after Thompson signed the toaster. These two things are related.

He had a good time at Steph Curry’s 30th birthday, but it took an unexpected twist.

Thompson’s doing what we’d all do at a setting like this: dancing, enjoying himself, not caring much about what’s going on around him. It’s a very relatable vibe, until he decides that he’s going to throw his shoe:

The floor is probably wet and disgusting, and I’d imagine Thompson is wearing a pair of shoes that aren’t exactly cheap. I guess anything goes though when one is lit.

The ensuing Warriors practice was cancelled after Curry’s birthday, because Steve Kerr is a real one.

But the greatest funny accident of them all has been the birth of the alter ego that is China Klay.

After he signed a shoe deal with Anta in 2017 worth as much as $80 million, Thompson went on tour in China, and he didn’t disappoint.

There was this missed dunk, when he proved even a superstar NBA athlete like himself could look like a total dork:

Continuing that trend, he was dancing at an event in China where it became even more evident that he really is just an average guy with a silky smooth jumper:

The perfect alter ego that is China Klay reappeared in the summer of 2018, which seems like forever ago right now.

We got Thompson in this costume that I’m not certain how to describe. Just look at this thing:

Again, don’t know the meaning behind it, but I approve.

Thompson also got torched by a kid in pop-a-shot. Though to be fair, I don’t think there are many people on the planet that could possibly beat this child:

The kid being a straight boss at the game makes it good, but Thompson deciding he was going to lose while still making as many shots as he could at a comfortable pace made it great.

Klay also forgot that his coach, Steve Kerr, was one of the best shooters of all time.

Amid a shooting slump, Klay really said he’d only listen to Reggie Miller or Ray Allen’s advice. Then he backtracked to include Larry Bird. Oh yeah! Then he remembered his own head coach.

Not even Klay knows what he said here

He definitely said some words in there.

Klay held a towel up to the camera completely backwards and apologized

This is Peak Awkward Klay.

Klay hit big shots in the Warriors Game 2 win over the Rockets and threw up the Three Goggles

Klay did the Big Balls Dance in Game 4 of the Finals

The best part about all of Thompson’s small, odd moments is that we can’t predict what the next is going to be.

Every Random Act Of Klay is unique, and just as enjoyable as the last. As long as Klay remains Klay, we’ll never run out of all the joy that he unintentionally produces just by being himself.

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