NCAA can make Ole Miss vacate wins, but can’t put goal post back

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The Rebels vacated 33 wins over six seasons.

Part of Ole Miss’ punishment in the big NCAA thing from a few years back: vacating wins. We knew that’d take a while to sort out, and now — more than a year after the NCAA’s main sanctions announcement — the Rebels and the NCAA have figured out which Ole Miss wins involved ineligible players. Rebel Grove reports Ole Miss now [wink wink] no longer won the following games, which Ole Miss won:

2010: Tulane, Fresno State, Kentucky, ULL

2011: Southern Illinois, Fresno State

2012: Central Arkansas, UTEP, Auburn, Tulane, Arkansas, Mississippi State, Pittsburgh

2013: Vanderbilt, Southeast Missouri, LSU, Texas, Idaho, Arkansas, Troy

2014: Boise State, Vanderbilt, ULL, Memphis, Alabama, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, Tennessee

2016: Wofford, Georgia, Memphis, Georgia Southern, Texas A&M

Vacating wins is the silliest and most harmless weapon in the NCAA’s arsenal. We all saw those games happen. Whatever.

“The Sugar Bowl trophy is, and will remain, in the Manning Center,” Ole Miss AD Ross Bjork said, per Rebel Grove.

In 2014, we all saw Ole Miss beat Alabama. We saw the goal posts come down and everything:

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Have we ever seen a Goal Posts Game end up not even happening, per the official record books? I can’t recall. Might be a new one.

Steven Godfrey was there to follow the goal posts around Oxford, a thing that definitely happened:

Here was the route those goal posts actually took IRL, but not in the NCAA’s alternate dimension:

At least the NCAA didn’t seek to purge that day’s Katy Perry events from the records.

We’ll all agree to humor the NCAA, though. And on the upside, we now have comedy like this:

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