The Bachelorette Recap – What Is Wrong With Charlie?

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The Honey Badger shocked Australia when he didn’t pick either Brittany or Sophie, but Ali looks on track to do the exact opposite and pick six different blokes!

Charlie stamped himself as Jarrod 2.0 and is the new favourite for ‘The Jarrod’, while Paddy continued his quest to make Dean from Married At First Sight look like a feminist.

Who else caught our attention tonight? Read on to find out.

The Jarrod Votes

For The Bachelor we had The Badgelor award and for this season of The Bachlorette we have named our award ‘The Jarrod’ in honour of everybodies favourite pot-plant detective Jarrod Woodgate! The winner of ‘The Jarrod’ will not be the person that wins the heart of Ali, but the person that gives the Ladbrokes Content team the best fodder to work with!

Honourable Mention – Paddy

We want to like Paddy as the villain and he is clearly trying his best, but there is a serious problem – his chat isn’t any good. He needs to stop calling things ‘Paddytastic’ and focus on causing drama. He couldn’t even make being dressed as a Bell Boy funny. We need you to lift Paddy!

1 Vote – Jules

Whatever this bloke is on, we want some of it. He is a weirdo with no social skills, but sort of likeable in an odd way. Glad he stayed over the bloke with the ridiculous hair (turns out his name was Cheyne) that was eliminated.

2 Votes – Nathan’s Turtleneck

We only caught a glimpse of it at the Rose Ceremony, but how strong was Nathan’s Turtleneck game. He wasn’t even born the last time that Turtleneck’s were considered popular, but good on the bloke for doing something to stand out. The ridiculous Beret that Pete was wearing at the start of the episode only narrowly missed the votes.

3 Votes – Charlie

What a trainwreck of an episode for Charlie. He looked like a ripper bloke in the first episode, but it is now fairly clear that he is a genuine loon. The bloke is deadset in love already. Even Jarrod didn’t move that fast. The way that he talked about Ally makes him sound like a serial killer and I legit fear for what he will do when he see Ally kiss one of the other lads, which seems incredibly likely at this point!

Tweets Of The Night

The Bachelorette Betting Update

Taite was the star of the photoshoot and he remains a clear favourite at $1.60, while Bill remains solid at $4.50.

Charlie gave across like a creeper, but he remains on the third line of betting at $5 from Todd at $8, while no Winner is $15.

It should come as no surprise that Paddy remains the extreme outsider at $101.

Bet Now: The Bachelorette

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