The 6 best and 5 worst offensive lines in the NFL right now

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Retired NFL lineman Geoff Schwartz takes a look at which OLs are getting it done, which aren’t, and who had the nastiest blocks last week.

Welcome back to Disrespectful Blocks of the Week! It’s a day later than usual (thank you, old neighborhood with even older trees falling on power lines in a storm), but it’s back with a new format. No longer will I just write out what I’ve said in the blocks video because that’s um, boring. I’ve already said everything in the video.

The video will be attached at the bottom of this article so you can still watch, but the new format is simple. I’m going give y’all the top and bottom offensive lines in the NFL, with a unique take on the offensive lines that are playing well.

Important note: this isn’t a ranking. Ranking offensive lines is tough when there’s not a clear No. 1, as there has been in years past.

I’m always going to start with the best of the units. Here they are after the first five weeks — again, in no order.

The six best offensive lines right now in the NFL

New Orleans Saints: I LOVED this unit last season and they have continued where they left off. Their offense was without Mark Ingram for the first four weeks, but no worries, they kept chugging along. They’re currently third in adjusted rushing rate and fifth in least amount of times stuffed in the run game, according to Football Outsiders.

Los Angeles Rams: I detailed this last season when I wrote about the Rams offensive line, but they have put tons of resources in making sure they unit is elite. Adding free agents Andrew Whitworth and John Sullivan last season has made this unit one of the best, and they drafted three offensive linemen this year to help for the future. They’ve only allowed six sacks and lead the league in adjusted rushing.

Green Bay Packers: The Packers, alongside the Eagles, have the best pair of pass-protecting tackles in the NFL. David Bakhtiari and Bryan Bulaga have been outstanding for years, and that’s one of the reasons Aaron Rodgers is able to hold the ball as long as he does. And no, they don’t hold every play. Get over that, Packers haters.

New England Patriots: Tom Brady has played the majority of his career with just two left tackles: Matt Light and Nate Solder. When Solder left in free agency to the Giants, it left a huge hole at that spot. The Patriots realized there was no one on the roster to fill that spot, so they traded for Trent Brown. Brown has stabilized that unit. The Pats OL is first in adjusted sack rate and sixth in rushing.

Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles had the best offensive line in football last season, but it’s been a tad tougher this season to match that success. Defenses have tried to move on the Eagles offensive line and especially on passing downs with line games. It’s been successful. I look for the Eagles to adjust.

Pittsburgh Steelers: No Le’Veon Bell, no issue so far. James Conner has picked up the slack. Throw in their pass protection success, and they are still getting it done upfront.

And now, the five worst offensive lines

OK, time for the worst. I dislike getting into detail about the bottom OLs, because I understand that feeling as a former offensive lineman. So I’m just going to list them, again in no order:

New York Giants
Buffalo Bills
Houston Texans
Minnesota Vikings
Arizona Cardinals

Finally, the most disrespectful blocks of Week 5

Now let’s end with a bang! Check out all the Disrespectful Blocks of the Week, from D.J. Fluker destroying Ndamukong Suh to Cam Newton laying out a defender:


Y’all… We have an all time Disrespectful Block to start this video. DJ Fluker freaking savagely destorys Suh on this touchdown run. We have a full slab of ribs for Brian Winters, plus a running back and a tight end getting in on the action. It’s amazing

Posted by Geoff Schwartz on Thursday, October 11, 2018

You can also watch the video on my Facebook page.

As a reminder, if you see any filthy blocks in Week 6, just holler at me on Twitter @geoffschwartz.

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