The Badgelor – Episode 10

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Dodgy driving, avocado wagering, sword fights, a walk out and Cass is still yet to have a single date with Nick. “It’s all happening here” as the great Bill Lawry would say.

We are at the business end of the show and the race to win The Badgelor is heating up, but a lack of mean girls is making giving out votes in the Badgelor even harder….

The Bachelor Episode 10 Recap

– The show starts off with another group date that Sophie, Brooke, Brittany and Darsha are invited to participate in. The girls meet the Honey Badger at a raceway and are forced to drive manual Hyundai’s blindfolded and follow every instruction that The Honey Badger gives them. Turns out Dasha from Russia can’t drive blindfolded in a manual car. What a fool. The girl who wins the car challenge wins one on one time with Nick and a box of Avos and Cass is still yet to go on a single date.

– Meanwhile, back at the mansion the girls find out who get’s a single date, Cass hopes its her, but it’s not. It’s Jamie-Lee. Clingy Cass is furious – might want to have a read of the hit seller “He’s just not that into you.” Cass is yet to go on a single date.

– The group date continues where the girls are made to reverse the car as fast as they can with the aim of getting it to a love heart painted on the speedway. I don’t recall this being on my driving test, but this resembled something they would of done on Who Dares Wins with Mike Whitney and Tania Zaetta back in the day, rather than The Bachelor. Turns out that Sophie wins the one on one time with The Honey Badger. Sophie gets rewarded with a box of Avo’s and a rose. The Honey Badger also spent a lot of time fondling Sophie’s hair and a fairly ordinary pash. Cass is still yet to go on a single date.

– Jamie-Lee’s single date has a Japanese theme to it. They go sword-fighting. This date should have been for Brittney the intruder, who had informed the Honey Badger that she had indeed been to Japan and knew how to say hello in Japanese. When it comes to having a one on one chat, there was zero chemistry between them and the Honey Badger doesn’t even bother giving her a rose. Jamie-Lee couldn’t handle the pressure. She returns home to the mansion rose-less and the other girls try to reassure her that “everything is going to be OK.” It’s not OK. She doesn’t have a rose. Jamie-Lee expects to get sent home at the end of the night. Cass takes the time to remind everyone she is yet to go on a single date.

– At the cocktail party, Tenielle gets the feeling that she’s going to get punted at the rose ceremony. She is pulled aside for a chat with Nick and starts crying. Turns out she found being interrogated by an FBI trained human lie detector was a bit traumatic when it really should be seen as a normal part of dating. Tenielle decides to leave the mansion on her own terms. As a result, Osher turns up to the mansion and informs that Tenielle has left, the rose ceremony was cancelled and that Cass has yet to go on a single date.

The Badgelor Votes

The Badgelor votes go to the girls judged best on ground by the Ladbrokes social team for tonight’s episode. The Badgelor will not be the girl that wins the heart of the Honey Badger Nick Cummins, but the girl that wins the heart of the Ladbrokes Social Media Team.


Please come back! All is forgiven! The show has been boring since Alishia, Cat and your good self left the program. Sure, we called you a bully, stripped you of your Badgelor votes, started a #RomyOut campaign and basically thought you were the worst person on television, but that’s all in the past and we’ve deleted all the tweets and edited the previous blogs so all good. Come back Romy. The Bachelor needs you to give us something to talk about even if Cass has still yet been on a single date. #BringBackRomy.


It was really brave of Cass to open up and speak about the fact she is yet to go on a single date with the Honey Bagder (Well, on the show that is). She’s been really good so far at keeping that fact to herself and being a good sport about it all. The promo for next week’s show reveals that Cass will finally get a single date with Nick at what appears to be a theme park. Cass is hoping that they get stuck on one of the rides for a long, long, long time. As of the end of Thursday’s show, Cass is still yet been on a single date.


The host was in his element when the girls were at the speedway. One suspects the man formerly known as Andrew G is a bit of a revhead. He also earned votes for the way he broke the news about Tenielle’s departure with care, class like the true professional that he is.  He is also aware of the fact that Cass is still yet been on a single date.

 The Badgelor Leaderboard After Episode 10

9 Votes – Vanessa Sunshine
8 Votes – Cat
7 Votes – Brooke. Cass (Still yet to have single date with Nick)
5 Votes – , Brittney (Intruder)
3 Votes – Osher, Cayla, Alishia, The Producer
2 Votes – Emily, Steph, Nick “The Honey Badger” Cummins
1 Vote – Dasha, Romy

Quotes Of The Night

“It’s not legal, but we’re on a racetrack so it’s all good.”  – Osher

“Who wouldn’t want to dress up, wield samurai swords and bounce around the yard like a ninja?”I am pumped to get me hands on me weapon and wield it around,”

– Nick The Honey Badger Cummins

“Sword fighting is not my idea of the perfect date” – Jamie Lee

“I need to keep my dignity and I feel I just need to get in the car and go…” – Tenille

“I haven’t had a single date with Nick.” – Cass.

Tweets Of The Night

The Bachelor Betting Market Update

Brittany is still the outright favourite at $1.33

Sophie got the avocados and moves into $3.50

Brooke remains steady at $5.50

Jamie-Lee, who crumbled under the pressure of the single date, is now at very long odds of $81 and would take a miracle for her to get back in the game.

Cass, who has yet to have a single date with Nick, is at $10.

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