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BitClave is a decentralized search system. When we talk about search engines, Google and Yandex immediately come to mind. For example, Google – free search, free mail, free chat, and at the same time the company has a very big profit. Google collects information about users and it brings him a big profit. Every time you search for something on the Internet or click on an advertising link, Google receives money from the company that ordered the advertisement. In this case, advertising for companies, for example, in the same Google AdWords is often not effective (advertising, bots). The idea of BitClave is to remove the intermediary between the advertiser and the user. BitClave will allow advertisers, brands, and users to profit from each relevant search requirement in the ecosystem.

Why is Google not good enough?

As a webmaster, I have faced a common problem in this industry: monetization of traffic through advertisements. And if it’s easier – visitors just do not want to watch ads and block it with special software. As a result, for 1500 visitors a day – I have 5-6 clicks on ads.

And I understand readers – they are the completely uninteresting advertisement, from which they have no sense. They came for the necessary information, after which they leave it and do not think about the reason of site existence.

I could solve the problem at the expense of certain plug-ins blocking the work of ad blockers or blocking access to information to users using such software. I could start begging tearfully the visitors to turn off the malicious edblockers and the helpers, but I do not see much reason in this.

Advertisers also know how to count their money and see perfectly well that paying for banner impressions and clicks on ads mostly are wasting time. And sooner or later this store closes for me, as for thousands of my colleagues, and most importantly, for giant advertising systems, in particular, such search monsters as Google.

Free opportunities do not exist, and for the use of such technologies, users pay information about themselves and their actions on the Web. This information is collected, processed and sold for big money to interested companies. For a lot of money. As a result, first and foremost, Google itself and its similar systems profit from the fact of its existence, because there are no alternatives. And the benefits for advertisers and users are relatively small due to technology imperfections.

And what should I do?

And everything is simple – you need to remove the intermediary! Decentralized technologies, such as blockchain, will provide direct interaction between the advertiser and the user. But, as already said, everything must be paid for. That’s right – so the user receives money for providing information about himself and viewing the advertising content that was offered to him.

The new BitClave Active Search Ecosystem (BASE) solution, running on Ethereum, will allow storing all information about users in the distributed registry, managing it and providing access to advertisers.

Some of the information will be provided by the users themselves by filling in the profile and questionnaire, and the part will be fixed automatically when using the platform. All information will be confidential and will not disclose the identity of the user if he does not want.

Advertisers, based on this information, will be able to create smart contracts that will allow the ads to show only to the right users, based on their profiles and activity data. The incentive for users to use the system will be CAT tokens – they will be credited as a reward for the data provided.

At the first stage, the BASE search engine, a mobile application, and a built-in wallet will be implemented.

How it will work – for example, you want to buy a new machine. You start the BitClave application, look for an interesting option for you and share your data with the nearest auto dealers. Quite possibly, they themselves will make you an offer, from which it is difficult to refuse, on special terms. Either way, even if you do not buy anything, you’ll get CAT tokens for every offer you’ve seen.

In general, a motivated search is not a new invention. There are Bing Rewards and a large number of extensions that are ready to share advertising revenue with users. Although inherently BitClave will use a similar approach but has the more advanced system. The Bing Rewards system, which offers users to earn points, uses the old model, placing ads in the hope that users will be interested in them. The BitClave model is an order of magnitude higher than this. It ensures that only interested users will see the advertisement. It will be interesting for advertisers because it will help reduce the cost of attracting new customers, which will lead to increased sales.

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September 15 – October 15

1 CAT Token = 0.05 $

In total there will be 2 000 000 000 CAT tokens, 1 000 000 000 will be distributed among ICO participants.

The maximum amount of fees is $ 25 million.











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