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10trade Review

As one of the relative newcomers to the binary options market opening their doors only as far back as 2014 they are gaining a reputation of something of a giant killer in terms of professionalism and offered services. We all know that to cut your cloth in the world of finance requires something special but they seem to be on the fast track to gaining this kind of know-how along with their cutting edge trading platform and comprehensive library of information. But before we get carried away with dreams of perfection lets consider for a moment exactly how they have managed to get to where they currently stand. Firstly, and by far the most important, is clarity; they run an open policy where there is no hidden information and everything is on display for the user to find. Whether or not they choose to do so is obviously up to them but I found the system and their underlying methodology to be very enlightening in terms of informational access. Secondly is of course regulation. Registered and licensed under CySec they are well regulated in terms of fraud control and this further highlights them as a scam free trading platform. Lastly of course is the modern and efficient platform they run that simplifies and streamlines the trading processes alongside their variety of available options which perhaps should be first in the list but for my peace of mind I prefer knowing that my investment is safe before I worry about anything else. Remember that regulation means security which in term breeds user confidence and so on. One of the great benefits to them using Spotoption 2.0 is that anyone using the platform will have a speed and reaction advantage over all those still sing the base version which has become something of not just an industry standard but kind of a rut as brokers use it just because it is familiar for traders.

Is 10trade reliable?

I think this question may have been asked by nearly every trader before they invest in a new site because trust is such a thin string that once broken is lost forever. However, in the case of 10trade I have no evidence whatsoever of anything underhand taking place and a whole pile of information to the contrary. When it comes down to brass tacks the simple fact is that 10trade is a fully licensed and regulated site and when it comes to handing out these licenses the regulatory bodies such as CySec certainly do their homework. Of course this is not the only give away; clarity as I mentioned before is what puts my mind at ease. One thing that scam sites tend to do is hide any information that ties them to something specific. 10trade offers both access to its license information and links to their offices including full addresses and phone numbers. If at any point you feel that a company is hiding any or all of this information you should stop using their services immediately. When we look at the site of 10trade we find it to be something of a sheet of glass which is one of the reasons that they are becoming so successful. However when it comes down to the simple facts always check for yourself for your own peace of mind.

10trade Bonus

It seems that when I wanted to have something clear and concrete to say about their bonus scheme they go and throw me a curveball. Throughout my investigative review of this site I discovered that they actually run a more personalized system that I had previously thought. When I looked into their company information it seemed as though a +50% bonus was about as good as I was going to get which is not exactly bad but having spoken to a few traders and the company themselves it seems that this personalized service can push bonuses up to a very solid +100% which came as something of a surprise to me. Of course it is their modern approach to business that actually piqued my interest and is one of a very select group that holds investments in such a way that they may be withdrawn at any time. This may seem like something of an unimportant side note but may brokers actually hold onto funding until certain criteria have been met or have block withdrawal schemes in place where you may only take out specific sums if/when your account hold a specific balance. And now in hindsight it sounds like a fantastic deal.

10trade Withdrawal

As I stated above, 10trade runs a funding method where your cash is free to be withdrawn at any time. In fact the only limiting factors that comes with this are the removal amounts which they control in accordance with regulations on the movements of money. Currently this is set at $30 for any of the major credit cards and $100 for any wire transfers. As will all brokers any withdrawals of investments must be made to the same card/account from where they came, any additional profits however may be withdrawn via a wire transfer to your account. Processing times for any withdrawals are pretty industry standard with a 3 day company processing time and further bank processing which can take between 5-7 working days. All deposits and withdrawals are covered by 128-bit SSL encryption services as standard.

10trade Ratings

When it comes to the usability of the site then it is hard to say anything bad. The clarity of their approach makes life simple in an almost uncountable number of ways. With all informational easily accessible and a state of the art trading platform system everything runs about as smoothly as silk. Furthermore with information that is applicable to both new traders and veterans alike, plus a host of further informational systems they hold a level of functionality that is above and beyond many we have reviewed of late. Aside from stacks of information and a great platform are the sundry things such as the anytime withdrawal and the clarity of the website in regards to unnecessary advertisements and other pointless distractions. Lastly and certainly not forgetting them is their customer service which I rated quite highly, not just because of the number of language options but because they were fast knowledgeable and very friendly.

Commissions, Support

Unfortunately and in one of this company’s rare moments they seems to have conformed to the industry norms of a single free withdrawal per calendar month which disappointed me slightly given their other withdrawal ideas. In terms of effective returns on successful investments you are looking at somewhere between 70%-81% however I have received reports that some traders are running an 83% return average. They also have a 10% return function for unsuccessful trades in place to reduce risk/loss factors. When it comes to commissions they apply a $30 surcharge to any withdrawal after the first, per withdrawal, per month.
In regards to their help and support features I was very pleased with the results. A very quick and efficient part of their operation indeed.

Deposit, Payment and Bonus

One of the better things about working with this broker is that it feels less like a machine and more like a company, that is to say it feels a lot more personal and professional. Deposits are usually completed instantly through the usual credit card and wire transfer methods along with a whole host of e-wallet systems including: Neteller, Skrill (Moneybookers) and iDeal. Payments are handled respectably with the option to withdraw at any time but as stated before they do conform a little to industry standard with regards to only 1 free withdrawal and minimum sums. As for the bonuses, well they are just not what you would expect them to be. If you want to know how much your bonus is going to be I suggest that you contact their customer support prior to opening an account.

Website Extras

When it comes down to extras it is not quite as exciting a venture as previous sections have been and this is not necessarily a bad thing. For one it means that they are not out to dazzle you with fancy offers but are simply offering a good, reliable, potentially profitable trading platform where your money is yours and trades are efficient. But as a feather in their cap they do have some pretty interesting asset options open for trading as well as a good range of binary option choices to make sure that any and all traders are catered for.


Number one with a bullet: professionalism in everything they do. As I mentioned at the start of this review trust is a major factor for anything involving risk and money and they have gone the right way about laying our minds at ease through getting and maintaining industry licenses and being covered by regulatory bodies such as CySec and the FCA. Couple this with their clarity of information regarding both themselves and any trades/assets and you have a very comfortable place to trade away your time. Next in my list is the double edged sword of any complaints made against the company and I say double edged because it is generally not possible to have 0 complaints but it is how they deal with said complaints that makes all the difference. For my research I have not been able to come across any significant complains to date meaning that they are either very proficient or deal with any complaints quickly and efficiently.

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